Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pumpkins versus Emmett

Charlie has a new buddy. Well, a few new buddies. We've recently been joined by "Big P" and the "Little Ps". Nope, not a rock band. Pumpkins.
Charlie took great care in picking out a few pumpkins from the grocery store. They have since accompanied him/us throughout town.
Here's "Big P" tucked in before Charlie went to bed.
Here are the "Little Ps" joining us for bagels.
(I didn't have the heart to tell them we were eating pumpkin bagels with pumpkin cream cheese.)

The other day, as I was putting Emmett to bed, Charlie noticed Big P had an "owie." With great concern, he wanted to clean it off properly. Knowing Charlie had Big P's owie under control, I continued to focus on Emmett's bedtime routine. Emmett was not pleased (possibly with Charlie's continued banter about Big P's issues) and was crying in a fit of rage. Above the crying, I could hear Charlie say, "Maybe he wants me to scratch his back." (A favorite of Charlie's when he wants to snuggle or feels out-of-sorts.) I was so touched that Charlie wanted to soothe Emmett with a gesture of such love and kindness. 
As I turned around to kneel down so Charlie could scratch Emmett's back...I discovered Charlie gently and lovingly scratching Big P's back.
Emmett who?


  1. OMG. This is amazing. Oh Charlie and your hoarding goodness. At least for now, it's seasonal...what will Christmas bring???

  2. Well, somehow I knew exactly "who" Charlie was talking to when he pondered scratching someone's back. I wonder what is going on in that little, developing child's brain that he has associated human-like traits with the pumpkin. Pretty awesome, isn't it? I only hope he isn't devastated when nature or humans wreck the party. Will it be a natural death by decay, or a quick, painless death from the knife? Oh big P! You will be missed! :-)