Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer: All in

One of the greatest aspects of raising kids is being able to relive so many experiences for the first time by seeing it through my boys' eyes. This summer has been one of the most fun summers since I was a kid, simply because I get to spend every day experiencing a pure, childhood summer. (Well, let's be honest, it's not all pure and fun.)
Watching my boys this summer, I've realized they approach life with gusto. They are pretty much "all in" sort of kids, particularly Charlie.
If there's a swimming pool, he's going to get a running start and jump in.
A rainstorm? Why not strip down naked and run through it like a lunatic.
An ice cream cone? Clearly it tastes better if they end up covered in it from head to toe.
And why bother with training wheels, when Charlie can go further and faster without them on his bike
For these kids, everything can be higher, faster or further. Sure, life in the Zuercher household gets pretty messy. But as my good friend Amber put it, we "embrace the mess."



It's a good reminder for me to live life all in. Life is going to be messy, so I might as well embrace the mess and jump in.

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